About Jim Travers


Jim Travers had a remarkable journalistic career as a reporter, foreign correspondent, general manager for Southam News, editor of The Ottawa Citizen, executive managing editor of The Toronto Star and national columnist for the Toronto Star. He was also a remarkable mentor, recognising and nurturing new journalistic talent.

Travers’ professionalism was recognized by a string of journalistic awards — in 2003 the Hy Solomon Award for excellence in public policy journalism, in 2005 the Charles Lynch Award from the National Press Club, and a 2009 National Newspaper Award for political writing, a very prescient column: “The quiet unravelling of Canadian democracy” which continues to be cited to this day. (The Quiet Unravelling of Canadian Democracy)

After Jim Travers died in 2011, his friends and colleagues wanted to create something to commemorate his contribution to journalism and reflect his ideals. The result was the R. James Travers Foreign Corresponding Fellowship.